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Welcome to LightXplosion.com, hosted by Craig M. Hunt. The Lord has moved upon our hearts, to preach and teach the Word of God, with a prophetic zeal, in these last days, to every heart and listener who is led to us. We love you and are here to serve you, and hope and pray after listening to these POWER PACKED, messages that your lives and relationship with our Lord will NEVER BE THE SAME. Please consider partnering with us financially, and also following us on Facebook.

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What people say?

Hey Pastor..I see God Raising you up as a Great Leader...Keep up the Good work Pastor Craig

ElectLady Sherita Furlow ~ Florida

What people say?

Hello Craig.. I just wanted to tell you, your doing an amazing job with your videos. You've definitely inspired me and my husband more. I can tell your a godly man, and I just wanted to say keep it up with sharing the real truth. God Bless you and may God be with you through all your trials and all your blessings. Have a great day!

Veronika ~ California

What people say?

God Bless you and keep letting your light shine Brother!! The world is a dark place but with people who are willing to tell the Gospel of Jesus Christ they are the salt and light!! I am encouraged daily by you and Joshua and after I hear y'all's messages I go and study the Word to learn more....

Angel B ~ Texas

What people say?

Thank you so much for confirming my request sir! That last video was amazing! You're so right! Thank you!

Isaiah M ~ Tennessee

What people say?

Dude, my brother loved your video so much, we took it to the church, and had the whole worship team watch it. We then had a discussion about it, and then prayed.

Rocky D ~ South Carolina

What people say?

Thank you for the video, I watched it, I need to know more about God through your help

Vie G ~ Taytay, Rizal

What people say?

Thank you Craig for accepting the request. Just want to say getting to know him video was amazing. God bless you. It showed me what to focus on it is a powerful message,

Zerubabel H

What people say?

Hey bro very few guys i enjoy .. just watched your video .. you KILLED IT

Joshua F - Evangelist

What people say?

Your video that you posted was a eye opener to me about the Lord and I just what to say is thank you!!!

Aaron C

What people say?

Mr. Hunt the video you shared last night was AWESOME and the TRUTH!!! My heart went beyond words for my appreciation of your message. I personally wanted to just say thank you for your obedience for sharing this Rhema Word from God on Facebook. Because I would not have heard it otherwise. Again Thanks!! Kaya Outen from Columbia, SC.

Kaya M

What people say?

Thanks for accepting! Get to know him message was REAL! Thanks for that.

Elizabeth S

What people say?

Me and my wife are trying to get to know God this message was what we needed to hear today thank u I felt like u were talking to me. You are a blessing from God.

Kirbycarol W

What people say?

Just watched your video about "Getting to Know Him", wow. Found it on Joshua Feuerstein's page and I am so thankful for it. I am just getting back to really knowing God, Jesus and this was just what I needed. I look forward to more videos, be blessed thank you!

Melissa F

What people say?

Powerful message! Loved It. Keep them coming. God Bless you man of God

Karel S

What people say?

Just saw a video of you preaching on Joshua page. It really touches me. God bless you.

Suzie F

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It is our desire to change lives, and build a family that serves and honors the Lord. We Gather to Simply Give God Glory! Our goal is to lift up and magnify the name of the Lord in all we do. We teach from a positive and creative perspective that focuses on Faith working by Love.

We Meet Every Saturday Night at 6pm!

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